The potential for new business opportunities and innovation is all around us. While we offer see innovation as generating new ideas, more often it’s about doing things better and producing products of higher quality. Perhaps the best example for that is the story of Alpengummi.

Meet Alpengummi

Claudia and Sandra, the two founders of Alpengummi, have always wanted to be part of the solution in the world. Their idea, was born while attending a joint seminar about innovation in the forestry sector. Quickly they realized they have a winning idea and began to research extensively.  The result was the very first natural chewing gum of the alps. Their main goal of these aspiring entrepreneurs is to reduce the dirt problem caused by commercial chewing gums and to produce an eco-friendly alternative. 


An all natural product

Currently, Alpengummi produces everything by hand. It is 100% natural and contains locally grown ingredients. Unlike the generic, plastic based chewing gums, Alpengummi extract the chewing mass from native tree resin and beeswax. The resin is extracted in Lower Austria, in a traditional way. This craft is considered a cultural heritage by UNESCO and Alpengummi sees it as a mission to support such local traditions. 

The natural ingredients of the chewing gum make it eco-friendly and a perfect alternative for any other chewing gum. Moreover, Alpengummi’s chewing gum is also good for tooth cleaning. For sweetness, they use only birch sugar (xylitol) making it better for your teeth.

There are two flavours of Alpengummi chewing gum available at the moment. These are strawberry and forest mint. Their products are available in various shops in Vienna and across Austria. You can also easily order online and receive a better price on bundle orders. To support the cause, you can also buy online Alpengummi T-shirts which are of course bio and eco friendly.

An ongoing crowdfunding campaign

Alpengummi is growing and wants you to become part of the solution too! In order to produce more and share their great chewing gum with the world, the team of Alpengummi is planning to acquire proper production machines. To buy these machines they need your support! They started a crowdfunding campaign and will be able to reach their goal with your help.


Support this inspiring company through their crowdfunding campaign HERE

Visit their website HERE to learn more about the company. You can also order their eco-friendly chewing gums online HERE!

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