In need for an advertising solution?

Meet Ambient Art!

When i think of impressive entrepreneurs in Vienna, one of the first names that comes to my mind is Günter Weninger.

Günter is the founder of Ambient Art, a full service provider for the advertising sector. His company focuses on special forms of advertising in the out of home sector and transforms campaign ideas into creative, Ambient media solutions.

If this sounds fancy, you should check out some of his company’s work:


Günter founded Ambient Art in 2008 with the aim to specialise on a specific niche. His niche was offering advertisers the opportunity to create a new level with creative floor branding. His business has been gradually expending and by now him and his awesome team are offering a larger variety of advertising solutions!

If you are an event producer, a hotel manager or a shop owner, you really want to get to know Günter! With is creativity and forward thinking, he can transform your facade, interior design or event space into something extraordinary!

In these challenging times, Günter has generously agreed to offer hotels and businesses who collaborate with our Corona Support Board a special offer that will transform their look and will give them a fresh new beginning! If you are interested- contact him HERE!

We thank Günter and Ambient Art for being a partner of the Corona Support Board and for caring as much as we do about the Viennese business community!