One of the trendiest places in Vienna which attracts countless locals and tourists is Naschmarkt. Vienna’s largest market is a place full of flavours, smells and colours. All around it are some beautiful buildings, traditional cafes and several unique stores worth exploring. One of these stores which can be found right on Kettenbrückengasse 15 is Bananas.

Meet Bananas

Some stores can truly take you back in time and that’s exactly what you will feel as you enter Bananas. This vintage store offers everything from furniture to lighting, home accessories and jewellery. Their focus is on furniture from the middle of the 20th century, from 1930 and up to 1980. At Bananas you will also find some second hand design classics as well as original furnishings of anonymous owners from Scandinavia, Italy and other countries.


Two passionate owners

The store is owned by two passionate collectors- Patricia and Ernst Hahnbauer. Together, they carefully select the items you will see at the store and thus guarantee the high quality of their products. Some items are originals while some have been carefully restored. One thing you can be sure of- everything at the store was selected with love and with much expertise.

Visit again and again

The benefit of a vintage store such as Bananas is the constantly changing products. Every visit to the store may be different as products come and go. Each time you enter the store, you may find new and interesting vintage products that make the experience at the store absolutely exciting!


Visit Bananas in Vienna’s 5th district, at Kettenbrückengasse 15. To learn more about the store you can visit their website HERE!

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