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Alpengummi natural chewing gum

Alpengummi: The first natural chewing gum of the Alps 

The potential for new business opportunities and innovation is all around us. While we offer see innovation as generating new ideas, more often it’s about doing things better and producing products of higher quality. Perhaps the best example for that is the story of Alpengummi….

Beer in Vienna


Vienna is undoubtedly a great city for beer lovers. Beside the main brands there are several smaller breweries which offer high quality beer in various special flavours. One brewpub which you must check out is Beaver Brewing Company. Meet Beaver Brewing Company The love for…

Beans coffee shop in vienna

Beans: The coffee that brings you joy with every cup 

Meet Beans Most people nowadays cannot imagine beginning their day without a good cup of coffee. It’s just the energy boost we need to start our day right. For that reason, choosing the right coffee is extremely important and not something to take lightly! And…

ARCHEOMUSE focusing on CULINARY ancient

Archeomuse: A unique culinary time travel experience 

Meet Archeomuse Archeomuse is a time travel into ancient cooking pots from the Stone-age to the Middle Ages in Europe, around the Mediterranean Sea and Mesopotamia. If you believe archaeology and history are boring and full of random dates and names, you haven’t participated in…

Xocolat sweet dream of any chocolate lover

Xocolat: The world of chocolate under one roof 

The story of Xocolat One of Vienna’s most beautiful and impressive buildings is Palais Ferstel. Located in Freyung, this must-see site is known for its passage, which offers any visitor an immediate feeling of aristocracy. Alongside the passage are various unique cafes and stores, one…