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YOGAKULA yoga studio in Vienna’s first district - Partner with Corona Support Board

YogaKula: A yoga studio with an international edge 

The story of YogaKula YogaKula Studio can be found in the heart of Vienna’s first district. Located between the famous Opera House and Karlsplatz. It offers daily differrent styles of Yoga classes in both German and English. Due to its prime location many tourists and…

ARCHEOMUSE focusing on CULINARY ancient

Archeomuse: A unique culinary time travel experience 

Meet Archeomuse Archeomuse is a time travel into ancient cooking pots from the Stone-age to the Middle Ages in Europe, around the Mediterranean Sea and Mesopotamia. If you believe archaeology and history are boring and full of random dates and names, you haven’t participated in…

ArchäoNOW: Explore Vienna's mysteries

ArchäoNOW: Explore Vienna’s mysteries 

Meet ArchäoNOW Cultural mediation. Riddle rallies. Augmented reality. We stand for interactive and innovative treasurehunts, for knowledge transfer and new technologies to explore Vienna’s city centre (and beyond). ArchäoNOW creates a place where history becomes tangible and can be experienced.   My name is Miriam…