Life is a collection of unique stories and experiences. We gather these special moments and memories every single day and later in life look backwards at them with nostalgia. We often wish we could bring these moments back to life and relive this nostalgia. This is exactly what Curio & Co. is all about.

Meet Curio & Co.

The two founders of Curio & Co., Kirstie Shepherd and Cesare Asaro, have two very different stories. Kirstie grew up in the U.S (California) and Cesare in Italy, in two different cultures. For that reason, they barely share the same stories and childhood memories as these are often the result of the environment which was just very different. Now, they are husband and wife living in Vienna, a place with, yet again, completely different stories. Of course, some experiences are universal and shared by everyone but for Kirstie and Cesare something was missing. They wish they could drop that cartoon catchphrase or sing that advertising jingle known to the locals, to share a deeper connection with others.

As they began to deeply analyze their newly identified problem, they realized we actually struggle to recall many details of our memories and instead only see a small part of them. This thinking gave birth to a brand new idea and to their company Curio & Co.

Explore your “Curioverse”

Curio & Co was founded in 2010 with the aim to solve the problem and re-create people’s memories. They do so by offering souvenirs of our “Curioverse”- our fictional world. These souvenirs come in the form of books, prints, pins or playing cards which bring memories back to life. The products created are totally up to you and your will to explore your imagination. Therefore, you can recreate your favourite comic book but you can also continue digging deeper into the backstories and hidden details to discover the connections between them. Also, each product interactive and enables you to fill in the blanks in the history or backstory of products by using your imagination. 



A completely personalized service

With Curio & Co. you fully immerse yourself in a complete world. The more details you provide, the more the product you choose to develop will include. For instance, names, histories or an aged look of the paper drawings, everything can be customized and personalized. You can find many examples on the website (, which in itself is “in character”, populated with various eccentric personalities, fanciful stories and whimsical brands. These characters aren’t necessarily real but still provide an emotional connection and a feeling of warmth, childhood and home. Naturally, many of their products appeal to children who are their main target audience. Nevertheless, art lovers, curious minded people and memorabilia collectors can definitely enjoy this wonderful service.

Storytelling service for businesses

In addition to Curio & Co., Kirstie and Cesare run a design studio which takes the particular flair of their nostalgic design and use it to help companies share their stories. This side of the business is found on a separate website ( We highly recommend to visit it and see their creative new take on well known stories which can inspire some new branding strategies for your business. 

In these complicated Corona times, reliving your favourite memories can be a perfect way to positively deal with the situation. In general, playfulness and imagination can go a long way to lighten up those dark days. Moreover, as finding gifts can be quite challenging these days, Curio & Co. can be a perfect, creative idea for your next customized gift. 


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