The beauty of Vienna’s small businesses and shops is often in their history. The city is full with family owned businesses which were passed from one generation to the other. Children and grandchildren continue the legacy and preserve their knowledge and expertise. One store with such history is Musick Feinschleiferei known now as Franz Musicks Enkelin.

Meet Franz Musicks Enkelin

The story of this cutlery shop begins in 1919, shortly after the end of World War I. Over 101 years ago (!) Franz Musick senior, the family’s now great grandfather decided to open the cutlery shop, aiming to offer professional cutlery. His goal was to offer high quality, long lasting products for fair prices. To guarantee complete customer satisfaction, an in-shop grinding service was added. This made the shop a reliable service provider who accompanies its customers for years and even decades. These days, the business is managed by the grand grand daughter Martina Pühringer who runs it with much passion and with the wisdom passed to her from the previous generations.


Sharpness is what it’s all about

Both household and professional items can be bought and serviced at the shop. If you care about sharpness and want to receive a product which can be used for the long term, Franz Musicks Enkelin is the right place for you. They sharpen not only knives or scissors but also shear heads, hair clippers, garden shears, lawnmower blades, etc. The shop’s product range is also wide and even includes beauty products such as nail care items.

A fully stocked shop waiting for you

During this downtime the shop had to shut down but time was not wasted. The shelves of the shop were restocked with new products and the team is more than ready for your visit. Luckily, the shop could also use the down time to continue serving its largest partner, the state, to which it has been offering grinding work for decades.

We highly recommend to visit the store or the website where you can purchase items online. Moreover, if you need a blade sharpened, they will provide the service with much expertise and of course with a smile.


Visit the shop on Lindengasse 30, in Vienna’s 7th district. You can also visit it virtually through their online shop HERE!

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