Sometimes in life, unexpected meetings can lead to great friendships and even to successful businesses. This is exactly the story of Gesundheitspraxis Webgasse, a health and  therapy practice in Vienna’s 6th district.

Meet Gesundheitspraxis Webgasse

In 1993, during a “state-certified massage therapist” training in Graz, Matthias Gamisch met his partner and co-founder Wolfgang Marusak. That meeting resulted in a strong friendship, yet it took almost 20 years until they decided to join forces and establish their business. In May 2011, after both founders acquired much knowledge and experience in the field of massage, health and therapy, they decided to open Gesundheitspraxis Webgasse. Their goal was to create a service based only on the best practices they learned for a complete health treatment. 

A wide range of treatments under one roof

The service offered by the Gesundheitspraxis Webgasse team is highly diverse. As a result of their extensive experience they are able to offer a wide range of treatments. This makes them stand out and attract customers from all over Vienna and beyond. Furthermore, their team has been constantly growing enabling them to utilize various techniques. Their main focus and offer is their healing massage with a focus on modern treatment techniques. These include for instance the fascia treatment and methods based on leading experts such as Dr. Marnitz, Dr. Terrier or Dorn Breuss. It also includes Hara-shiatsu which is a proven shiatsu technique. Moreover, psychological consulting is offered as well to cater not only for the physical health but also the mental health. 



A cure for your stress

Both in times of crisis and in normal times of constant work, we experience stress on a daily basis. Most of us, however, tend to ignore it and treat it when it’s too late. With the services of Gesundheitspraxis Webgasse you can take a preventive approach and take care of your body and mind. This will keep your energy levels high, will improve your mood and will make each and every day much better. Especially nowadays, in challenging and highly stressful times, don’t forget to invest in yourself and your health as it’s the most important thing.

Space for rent

An additional offer of Gesundheitspraxis Webgasse is space for rent. If you are looking for a room to rent for therapy, coaching or seminars, look no further. The space offered is stylish, inviting and accessible. You can find more details and the full price list HERE.


Supporting this massage, therapy and health practice is basically supporting yourself. Contact them now via their website HERE and book a treatment.

Also, check out their Facebook page HERE or Instagram HERE. There you can get updates as well as additional information.