Corona Support Board 

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Gertrude-Fröhlich-Sandner-Straße 2, 1100 Wien


Initiative description: 

A non for profit online initiative for supporting and promoting small businesses in Vienna. The initiative was founded by local entrepreneurs due to the Corona virus crisis with an understanding that small businesses are in dire need of support. The Corona Support Board aims to be an additional contribution of marketing efforts by publishing the stories of Vienna’s businesses and engage support from locals and tourists. Currently, the initiative focuses on Vienna but is meant to reach other parts of Austria and even beyond. In this initiative model, no transaction takes place between the initiative and the featured businesses and between the initiative and the website visitors. 


Purpose of Initiative: 

The sole purpose of the Corona Support Board is to help businesses by publishing their story. This will help them remain visible and relevant and will help them gain new customers or social media followers. In the future, when the Corona crisis will be behind us, the website will serve as a business catalog, telling consumers which businesses would benefit from their support. We believe that people are more likely to help others when they know and can relate to their story and by publishing the personal stories of the founders, we aim to establish a more emotional connection between customers and the businesses they choose.


Data protection information:

The stories published on the Corona Support Board website are provided by the businesses in their entirety or in part with our writers completing the stories and making them readable to the public. Therefore, information is published on the website only with the consent of the businesses with only their interest in mind. No additional information or private information is published unless explicitly requested by the business owner. Furthermore, private contact details aren’t to be listed anywhere on the website, only the details of the business with the purpose of establishing contact between customers and the business. 

The stories and contact information of companies are safely stored in an email account accessible only to the members of the Corona Support Board. Businesses who refuse to be featured on the website will be removed from our email account and will only appear in private records to avoid contacting them again with the same request. 

Copyrights and photos

By sending the Corona Support Board their stories and photos, the featured business gives full consent to use this content on the Corona Support Board website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). This usage will be done only for the benefit of the business and will not be used for any other purpose or on any other channel. The content and photos are saved through the email and will be kept for ongoing promotions. The access to the content is available only for members of the Corona Support Board initiative. For any inquiries on what content we have, we welcome you to contact us via email: