Similar to us at Corona Support Board, our good friends from Modul University are committed to spread positivity during these challenging times.

To do so they have announced an Art-Net-Challenge for anyone to take part in! If you are talented in ether art, music, fashion or baking, now you have a chance to let the world know and to share your best masterpieces. By participating in the competition, you also have a great chance of winning several awesome prizes! These prizes are given by their partners, including Kattus, Waterdrop, Manner, Zuckerl Werkstatt, Makava and many more.

Take part in the challenge

In order to join the Art_Net challenge, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to their homepage HERE!
  2. Register for the competition
  3. Choose one of the categories to compete in (Baking, Art, Fashion or Music)
  4. Upload the pictures or videos of your entry;
  5. Win amazing prizes!

It’s as easy as it sounds! 

The registration closes on May 14th at 23:59.

Don’t miss your chance and register now HERE!