Vienna is the perfect city for coffee and cake lovers. Coffee is deeply rooted in the local culture and it’s quite visible with the thousands of coffeehouses all across the city. With such abundance of cafes, it would seem like there’s no way to innovate and bring something new to the market. But that’s exactly what Anne Murray did with her cafe- The Cake Tree.

Meet The Cake Tree

In 2010, Anne Murray moved to Vienna from Ireland with the intention of studying. After her arrival, she changed her mind and instead taught music as well as worked in various admin jobs. One passion Anne always had was baking. Initially, it was simply a hobby but quickly she realized that in a city with such strong coffee and cake culture, there must be some potential. She realized that while there’s a surge in third-wave coffee houses, there was only a little being done to the cake culture. That’s when the idea to establish her own business was born.

A cosy cafe with special homemade cakes

 In 2017, The Cake Tree opened its doors. Anne designed it to be a small, cosy and familiar cafe where customers can enjoy delicious homemade cakes together with a good cup of coffee. Over the months, The Cake Tree became popular with both locals and tourists who couldn’t get enough of those tasty cakes. In addition, It has also become well known for its delicious and rich weekend brunch. 

As a result of the great demand, The Cake Tree has been constantly increasing the range of cakes available. Choosing between their Carrot cakes, cheesecakes, red velvet, pavlova or Lemon and Poppy cake, will probably be one of the toughest decisions you ever had to make.



An environmentally friendly cafe

For The Cake Tree team, quality comes before anything else. To guarantee that, they use organic ingredients and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Everything is then prepared on the spot to ensure that everything you drink or eat is both tasty and fresh. Being an environmentally friendly cafe is a great source of pride for the team and is highly appreciated by their customers. Furthermore, it has been important for the team not only to innovate but to also keep it Austrian and support local businesses. They do so by stocking Austrian drinks and selling Viennese brewed coffee. 

Support the expansion

With an ever growing community of loyal customers and cake fans, The Cake Tree is planning an expansion. With a larger space they will be able to host many more customers. Moreover, they will be able to increase their capacity for producing cakes for outsourcing. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to invest or support in a business which truly adds great value to the city. 

You can get in touch via email HERE to schedule a meeting and to receive more information.


Anne and her team are looking forward to welcoming you at the cafe. They are located at Wolfgang-Schmälzl-Gasse 14, in Vienna’s 2nd district. Moreover, you can get in touch HERE to order cakes for events, special occasions or as a treat for yourself directly. 

Lastly, make sure to like their Facebook page HERE or Instagram HERE. You will find there useful information as well as mouth watering pictures of their incredible cakes!