In normal times, when the Vienna isn’t in quarantine, countless performances and shows take place daily. Some of these shows connect us to art, music and culture while others awaken our curiosity and sense of wonder. Both as children or adults, we love being amazed or blown away and that’s exactly what Philipp Mainz offers through his fantastic magic shows.

Meet the magician Philipp Kainz

Before Philipp began blowing people’s minds through his magic shows, he had his own mind blown away as a child. One magic trick by his school friend became a life changing moment. Amazed by the trick, Philipp visited the magic shop near school and bought himself some magic books and some other tricks. This was the beginning of what became a real passion for enchanting people and making them happy.


Table magic and children’s magic

The world of magic is more complex and diverse than one might think. There are several branches of speciality and Philipp’s focus is on table magic and children’s magic. Often, table magic can be combined with a small stand-up show, making the whole experience entertaining for anyone watching. Philipp performs in company events, weddings, birthday parties and anywhere where he can good mood and smiles on people’s faces.

Perhaps the best audience for magic tricks, is children. Their natural curiosity and imagination makes the impact of a good magic performance so much greater. Amazing them, according to Philipp, is truly priceless. He does so mainly in birthday parties and carnival celebrations but is very versatile and can adjust to the different location and occasion.

A close range experience

The unique element in Philipp’s magic shows is also the close range performance. The audience gets to see and experience the magic trick from a close distance, thus creating unforgettable moments which accompany them for a long time. They get to follow his movements with their eyes throughout the whole trick and always end up in disbelief, shock and utter amazement.


Due to the current situation, magic shows cannot take place. What you can do, however, is to visit Philipp’s website HERE and book a future event to support him and make your children, family or friends happy and excited.

You can also follow Philipp’s Facebook page HERE for updates about his works and public events.