Founding a Museum from scratch is unbelievably challenging . It requires motivation and drive, knowledge and vision and above all- passion. It’s rare to find and meet independent museum founders who did so all by themselves. But that’s exactly the story of Gerhard Strassgschwandtner and Karin Höfler, who in 2005 founded the Third Man Museum.

Meet the Third Man Museum

Much can be said about the museum’s founders, Gerhard and Karin. They are history lovers, obsessed collectors and artists in all their heart and soul. Officially, Gerhard is a licensed tour guide in Vienna and Karin is a Japanese interpreter. The Third Man museum, however, is their true life work and a priceless masterpiece. 


The Museum

Despite being called after the brilliant movie The Third Man which was mostly shot in Vienna, the museum has so much more to offer. The movie is of course a central part of the museum but it also serves as a way to understand Vienna of World War II and its aftermath. Located by Naschmarkt in Pressgasse 25, the museum is divided into 3 separate locations all along the same street. The first part introduces the movie itself with items one cannot find anywhere else. Even those who have never seen or heard of the movie will instantly appreciate the impressive collection and will enjoy its content. The second room brings the movie to life through a cinematic settings and a large, authentic camera which screens with an original film.

The third part takes the visitors away from the film and into the history of Vienna during its darkest years. Through the movie one can already imagine how the situation was like, but seeing the exhibits there is nothing short than mind blowing. We guarantee that you will see there items, images or documents you have never seen before. This thought provoking and eye opening experience is a must for those who want to truly understand Vienna’s history.


An authentic collection of originals

The exhibits you will find in this museum are a result of years of devotion only a true collector may possess. Some items were acquired by complete chance and coincidental encounters while other items required the museum’s owners to travel far and wide to get them. Therefore, every item, every document or every photograph you will find there is the original. From the script of the actors, to rare aid boxes from world war II, it’s a true glimpse into the past. 

We encourage you to visit the museum, regardless of your knowledge of the movie or Viennese history. The museum is perfect for both locals who want to learn about their past and tourists who want a unique experience. We especially recommend to book a tour in the museum with Gerhard as you will get to hear the fantastic stories of the collection from the man himself.


The Third Man museum is independent and is therefore in need of your help. The best way to show your support is by purchasing tickets or vouchers online HERE!

The owners Gerhard and Karin have also started a crowdfunding campaign which you can support HERE!

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