When we think about Vienna, we think about culture and art. Throughout its history and to this very day, the city maintains its prestigious reputation through its many cultural institutions. Regular performances, festivals and shows are taking place on the many stages which spread across the city. One stage which you definitely not want to miss is of Theater am Spittelberg.

Meet Theater am spittelberg

The modern story of the theater begins in 2003 with the arrival of a new director Nuschin Vossoughi. The location, which has been used as a theater already since the 1980s, was in dire need of renovation and for a new vision. Nuschin, who made a name for herself beyond Austria’s borders in international festivals and various cultural projects, was the right person for the role. Through her commitment, creativity and energy, she brought new life to the theater.


A wide variety of productions

Throughout the year the theater offers a diverse program with appeal for both locals and international visitors. The productions range from cabaret to world music and from world renowned acts to performances by up and coming locals. Both adults and children can find entertaining performances, especially on Sunday’s family program. Nuschin has brought with her beautiful values of peacefulness and coexistence of cultures but also cares to spice the programs with a typical Viennese touch.

Representing the real Vienna

Theater director Nuschin VossoughiThe vision of the director Nuschin Vossoughi is to represent Vienna and the life in the city through the theatre. As a multicultural city with a unique mixture of people from all backgrounds, each culture should be included and celebrated. For her, theatre is not only cultural but also political as it can positively shape the audience’s mind to embrace peace and tolerance.

The need for culture

The long period of isolation has reminded us how much we need culture in our life. It gives us something to look forward to, a way to forget our world and dive into a world of imagination, sounds and creativity. Let us support such important institutions to ensure the continuation of their valuable work.


The program of the theatre is published on their website and you can check it out as well as book your tickets HERE!

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