Here is a fact 

small businesses are fighting for their lives right now. Both in Vienna and in other cities around the world, those who serve as the heart of any economy are finding themselves in the most difficult and scariest reality they have ever had to face.

The situation is overwhelming for all of us and the uncertainty makes it difficult to see a light at the end of this Corona tunnel. 

Supporting local Viennese businesses:

As my business, Secret Vienna, had to shut down as well, i decided to partner up with several friends and local entrepreneurs and create the Corona Support Board.

Our goal is simple- We strive to write as many stories as possible about Viennese businesses and share them with the local community and future visitors. The Catalog of stories will then serve the business owners as an additional marketing tool and will encourage customers to support businesses of their choosing. 

Our hope is, when the storm passes, to reach and promote the Support Board among tourists who will then purchase from the smaller shops and businesses, and will help revive them and the local economy as a whole. 

Over the next days and weeks, we will try to engage hotels, Airbnb apartments and other stakeholders to share our stories and make them accessible for their audience.