Dancing is always associated with pure joy, different cultures and loud music. The puzzling times of self-isolation have shown us that movement is indeed life. Therefore, having a possibility to enjoy life and have fun is crucial for us to stay positive and optimistic. As the world is slowly getting back to normal, you can finally get moving with some Salsa or Zumba classes. One of the best dance studios to join such classes and learn new dance moves is Tumbao Dance Studio.

Meet Tumbao Dance Studio

Back in 2005, Nancy Castillo and Alexander Lovrek were eager to share international dance styles with locals in Vienna. They are passionate about teaching how to dance and focus on authenticity. Their goal is to promote the dance styles the way they are danced in their origin countries. In their classes, you will learn to dance Salsa as in Latin and Middle America, Samba as in Brazil, Bollywood as in India, and Dancehall as in the Caribbean. Taking a dance course at Tumbao dance studio will open up a whole new world of passion, joy and excitement.


Tumbao Dance Company

In addition to the dance studio, Tumbao Dancers also specialize in workshops, shows and private events. Their team of qualified professionals will make a great addition to any of events you are planning, be it a corporate celebration, birthday party or a state concert. Their moves will surely entertain the audience and will be the event’s highlight.


Visit Tumbao Dance Studio’s website to find out more about their availability for your upcoming event. Check out their classes schedule HERE to learn new any dance styles and moves.

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