Extended reality technology has the potential to transform our world. While this technology is rapidly developing, its future is still quite uncertain. One company which seeks to create opportunities and impact the technology’s future is VARS.


VARS was founded by Franco Lanfur in 2019. Franco’s architecture education and passion for history and technology have led him to specialize in XR. In 2017, as part of his academic thesis, he started his first AR historical buildings visualisation project. His goal was to bring forgotten or destroyed historical sites back to life. The project quickly became his main focus and he published the samples he created online. Upon receiving highly positive feedback, he began his professional journey. Through his company VARS, he works to revolutionise and shape the way which reality is being perceived.

Reality-transforming projects

Over the last few years VARS has remained at the forefront with pioneering AR and VR projects in Austria. Their offering of XR services focus on areas such as art, tourism, medicine, and social networking. Their first project in the world of art was an AR visualisation of the masterpiece by Gustav Klimt “The Kiss”. Moreover, VARS together with partners from Phobias Center in Vienna have developed VR technology treating phobia. Thanks to this technology, patients can confront their fears in an immersive and safe way. Other interesting projects include AR Instagram filters which are currently being used by millions of users globally.


A focus on history

In their business sector VARS is certainly unique. Franco’s background has enabled the company to focus specifically on the historical architecture of Vienna. Therefore, users have the possibility to travel back in time and see how the way how the city used to look like.

Bringing history back to life through new technologies is VARS’ passion. The company researches and reconstructs historical buildings as 3D models, places them precisely where they used to be and provides AR apps for users’ visualisation. Therefore, VARS is perfect for Tourism companies which seek a unique selling proposition through specialized augmented reality touristic experiences.


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