We can’t wait

to have you back in Vienna!

At some point, hopefully soon, this global crisis will be behind us and Vienna will re-open its gates to you and many others who await to see its beauty. The imperial sites, magnificent buildings and ancient cobblestone streets are all empty, longing impatiently to see you again!

And when you do come again, once it’s all over, remember that in your hand lays the power to revive and greatly support all those businesses who are there to serve you.

We believe that the best way for you to enjoy Vienna while contributing to our economy is through this Corona Support Board. Here, you will find countless unique businesses and their personal stories. You can filter them by choosing your preferred categories to find the service providers most relevant for you. 

We invite you to read their stories and to get to know the people who tirelessly work to make your vacation exceptional and unforgettable. You search for these businesses by district (depending on your hotel’s location) and by your interest- culinary, art, culture, special shops, etc. We are sure you will find plenty of unique businesses you can relate to and many high quality products you can buy. This way, your purchase makes an impact on all of us. 

We encourage you to take a selfie of your transaction and send it to us through our website HERE or Facebook page HERE. In return you will be able to receive discounts and special offers from various partners. 

The full list of these special offers will be published very soon.