Virtual and augmented reality are two of the biggest trends in technology today. Both business owners and investors now understand the immense value of these technologies and their potential future impact on our world.  One company which clearly understood it as well and is currently shaping this future is Vrisch.

Meet Vrisch

Out of all the great players in the market, Vrisch is definitely unique. It is the first family-owned content production company solely dedicated to creating immersive experiences. The company was founded in 2016 by a Viennese filmmaker and a Paraguayan digital artist, also husband and wife. From the very beginning, Vrisch has been conceived as a place of cultural, professional, gender and thought equality.

The team consists of international XR (VR/AR) pioneers from various backgrounds. Therefore, you can find among them people from digital filmmaking, design, art direction, marketing communications and software development. All “vrischlings” see themselves as a group of open-minded cosmopolitans who thrive on diversity. Vrisch welcomes talents from all walks of life, and celebrates creativity in any shape or form.


The Motto

Vrisch uses the transformative power of immersive technologies in order to help humans understand and enjoy the world beyond the abilities of physical bodies. Their motto is- “We are not trying to replace the real world, we enhance it.“

Introducing XRVienna

Vrisch provides unique solutions to multiple industries. Their customers include companies in the film, entertainment, HR and advertising. If you are a business owner who dreams of becoming a leader in technological innovation, we encourage you to get in touch with them.

Furthermore, an additional initiative of the company comes from its co-founder Gabriella Chihan Stanley. As  a believer in the power of community  she and her team founded XRVienna. It is Vienna’s first and biggest community for XR professionals and enthusiasts. You can find out more on XRVienna in the following article HERE!


Vrisch is regularly working on some exciting projects which you don’t want to miss. Follow their work and get updated directly through their website HERE!

Also, you can follow Vrisch on Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE and join their growing community! You can also follow them on LinkedIn HERE!