In these puzzling times we are currently facing, cooperating with one another is all that matters. Fortunately, the World is full with warm-hearted people who are eager to cooperate. Such great professionals are willing to invest their time and energy towards creating enthusiastic communities. They do so because they truly understand and value the power of community.

Meet XRVienna

One of these people is Gabriella Chihan Stanley and her team at XRVienna community. We introduced Gabriella in our previous article which you can read HERE! While she is most known as the cofounder of Vrisch, it is not the only successful project she has accomplished.
XRVienna (former VRVienna) is a community of XR (VR/AR) professionals whose mission is to connect Austrian XR creators with XR users. It also provides a channel of communication for local XR projects, as well as a safe, cozy, and friendly space in which users can experience XR for the first time.

A unique community

XRVienna’s community’s events is unlike other XR Meetups. Its focus isn’t merely on the networking/startup aspect of these technologies but also on the interaction between users and creators. The main goal is naturally to promote a fruitful collaboration between all participants. In addition, they aim to raise awareness as well as share insights about quality standards of XR technologies. This way, they can to provide others a deeper understanding of what is currently possible and what will likely be possible in the future.


The Mission

In each XRVienna event, Gabriella and her amazing team strive to create an environment of equality, respect, and humility amongst participants. Moreover, they always highlighting the positive aspects of each project and working together in the areas that need improvement. For XRVienna there’s no such thing as a superstar or a rookie. Everyone gets a chance to teach and learn, kicking out any unnecessary ego and shame.


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